Does snoring get worse with age?

Snoring is a condition that warrants attention. One should not ignore it or leave it untreated as it can lead to quite a few health problems. Snoring occurs when the air is unable to pass freely through the nasal and throat passage. While snoring can occur at any age, it is quite common for the problem to increase with age.


There is a reason you will find older people complaining of increased snoring over time. As people get older, they tend to put on weight. Usually, the pattern of weight gain is such that the increase in weight occurs around the neck. As a result, the throat space becomes narrower, leading to the obstruction of air. Furthermore, with increasing age, muscle tone tends to decrease, which is another reason for increased snoring.

Women more commonly experience worsening of snoring with age. This is due to the fact that following menopause and hormonal changes, it is quite common for them to gain weight. Thus, it is apparent that weight gain and age directly contribute in worsening snoring with age. Apart from age and weight issues, there are several other causes of snoring that should also be kept in mind so that an effective cure can be found. Obstructed nasal airways are quite a common cause of snoring. As has been mentioned before, poor muscle tone of the throat and tongue muscles can also lead to increased snoring.

Attention needs to be paid

Many people tend to have a misconception that snoring is just an irritating habit which should not be given any attention. You need to realize that it is not just your sleep or your partner’s sleep that is going to be affected. If left untreated, snoring can also lead to quite a few heart problems, which can take a grave turn. These include the likes of hypertension, lack of oxygen supply to the body, cardiac attacks, strokes, pulmonary hypertension, and much more. Therefore, adequate measures need to be taken to deal with the condition.

There are quite a few options that you can make use of to deal with the problem of snoring. Lifestyle modifications are said to be highly effective. You can begin by exercising. There are various benefits that you will stand to gain if you opt for exercises for the purpose of getting rid of snoring. For one thing, you will be eliminating one of the most important causes of smoking, which is obesity. Another important point to remember that there are different throat exercises you can use to tone the neck muscles, which can prove to be highly beneficial. Using an anti snore pillow is also highly effective as it ensures that the air movement is smooth and uninterrupted. You will come across various medical options as well. Thus, ensure that you do not take any chances by ignoring snoring. Dealing with it at the right time can save you from a lot of problems.


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