Home Remedies for Insomnia

Insomnia is one of the most common health conditions today with 13 to 33% of all adults in the world suffering from it. Although Insomnia has been considered to have long-term health repercussions, simple home remedies can be effective in regulating if not treating it. In most cases, Insomnia manifests itself either as a primary disorder, or it can be part of another mental or physical disorder. Mostly, over 50% of people with depression are known to suffer from Insomnia. However, as this article discusses below, home remedies for insomnia have been known to be effective in treating it.


Which Home Remedies are Effective?

Diet before sleeping

In most cases, you should eat foods that are known to contain tryptophan such as a piece of a banana or even chicken. These foods contain a chemical substance known as serotonin that is essential in facilitating sleep. For good absorption of tryptophan, you should take some carbohydrates such as milk or honey. However, it is always advisable to avoid heavy meals that are known to overwork the stomach causing sleep loss. Also, one should as much as possible avoid foodstuff that have spices. Spices are known to cause significant irritation to the stomach, and this can lead to sleep loss. Finally, one should do away with sugary and foodstuffs that are known to contain caffeine such as tea leaves and coffee drinks, as they are known to stimulate the body making it less sleepy.

Schedule Discipline

Adhering to a regular daily schedule can be a good home remedy in fighting insomnia. You should always make sure that you sleep and wake up at the same time always. By doing this, your body will learn to adhere to a particular pattern of sleep. Keep yourself busy throughout the day and let it know that night means sleeping and resting. Moreover, try your best to avoid sleeping during the day. By doing this, you will be setting a body clock that will automatically respond to a deep sleep at night.

Herbs are an option

Some herbs have a record of working better than the most recommended sleeping pills and are a good home remedy for Insomnia. One of such herbs is Valerian. Valerian is known to connect well with the receptors in the brain, and it does not leave any hangover effect on a person. Taking a cup of valerian drink before bed can be quite a cheap home remedy. Also, one can consider passionflower. Once a drink containing passionflower or passionflower capsules are taken, they act as a sedative that can facilitate sleep.

Bedroom Atmosphere

You should always make sure that your bedroom is cool before surrendering to bed. Many people are known to sleep better in a cool environment. If you share a bed with someone else, make sure that the bed is big enough for you to turn at any angle that feels comfortable. Keep the clock at a glance so that you will constantly tell your mind that you are likely to have a hectic day if you don’t sleep well. Finally, use some air freshener or cologne, such as lavender, jasmine oil, that are known to stimulate sleep.

Simple mental exercises

Simple bed imagination tricks such as seeing yourself sleep, dream and relax can lead to a deep sleep. Also, you should try a particular repetitive pattern such as counting the number of breathing patterns within a minute. Doing it over and over is a good home remedy for insomnia.


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