Do pinhole glasses improve vision?

Pinhole glasses, commonly refereed to as stenopeic glasses are not made of glass but are made with a series of perforations. The pinhole glasses can improve and correct eyesight effectively.

They work similar to pinhole cameras whereby each perforation permits a very narrow beam of light to enter the eye, this effect causes the circle of confusion on the retina to reduce and increase the depth of field.

The results are said to be sharper images in the eyes with reflective errors. But how efficient are pinhole glasses, do pinhole glasses improve vision? Its advisable to wear pinhole glasses for five minutes every day as one gets used to pinhole glasses they will definitely find that the pinhole tend to disappear, they will also realize that any multiple image will likewise disappear.

Long-sighted individual’s long-sited individuals will always see objects at a distance and will have problems with objects that are very close, they can improve their sight by using stenopeic glasses for close work when using a computer, and it’s advisable to use the glasses for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Short-sighted people short sited individual have a problem with long distance objects they can improve their distance vision with the use of a pinhole glass since pinhole glasses make focus much easy normal sighted individuals can use them to reduce VDU eyestrains, the glasses have been found to reduce stress and head ache to individuals who spend prolonged hours on computer machines.

The stenopeic glasses are basically not recommended for individuals with over 6 diopters of myopia. These glasses can reduce peripheral visions and brightness, and are not recommended when operating machinery or driving. The glasses can easily and effectively improve the clarity of the vision of individuals with refractive errors.


In conclusion, pinholes can be used for the entire life time, they provide inexpensive solution when it comes to reading, they provide improved images at all distances. This is facilitated by the multi-focal lenses that continuously provide variable curve supported to give good vision from all distance, they are relatively cheap and affordable, they also do not need to be cleaned unlike the normal glasses.

Its evident that many people with cataracts see better when using stenopeic glasses, these glasses are highly recommended, they can also be used as sunglasses, the bottom line is that this glasses can improve vision and can be used by any individual anywhere anytime.having good sight is very important.



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