Choosing the Best Garcinia Cambogia Extract

When it comes to losing weight and keeping it off, it goes without saying that you’re in for a challenge whether you’ve attempted to slim down before or not. Even if you actually have the time and creativity to cook wholesome, delicious meals from scratch and exercise on a regular basis, you’re facing a battle that most people tend to lose whether they’re serious about it or not. Diet aids and weight loss supplements can help a great deal when it comes to helping you meet your goals once and for all.

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Garcinia Cambogia is considered to be the gold standard of weight loss supplements and it’s not difficult to see why. It’s more than just effective. It’s all-natural, it’s safe, and it’s backed by some of the world’s premier weight loss and nutrition experts including the ever-famous Dr. Oz. However, it’s important to understand that not every Garcinia Cambogia extract option is equal to every other. Let’s take a closer look at what today’s smartest consumers should consider before putting their money down.

Choose Products That Adhere to Strict Medical Standards

As is the case with any medication or nutritional supplement, you want to make sure you choose an option that will actually work properly. With a popular, trendy product like Garcinia Cambogia, there are naturally going to be a lot of imitators on the market. Smart consumers should be aware that an awful lot of what’s available will not adhere to relevant medical standards, nor will it contain high enough dosages of Garcinia to be effective.

Current medical requirements for Garcinia Cambogia extract supplements require that the product contain:

  • 60% hydroxycitric acid (HCA), the active ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia
  • Absolutely no fillers, unnecessary ingredients, or binders.
  • Absolutely no calcium, as calcium can reduce the effectiveness of HCA.
  • Only 100% pure ingredients.
  • A vegetarian-friendly capsule casing.
  • A serving size of around 1600 mg per day. (Ideally, individual capsules would be 800 mg and you would take them twice per day.)

You’ll also want to make sure that the Garcinia Cambogia extract you select was manufactured in a United States FDA-approved facility and is compliant with any and all U.S. Pharmacopeia quality standards.

Look for Positive Consumer Reviews

Sure, you can learn a lot from checking out each product’s official website to learn more about it. However, nothing will prepare you for the actual experience of using a given product quite like the honest experiences of those that have used it before you.

The Internet is an incredible tool when it comes to gathering information. Research each of the brands you’re considering before you buy and ask yourself some smart questions. How did other consumers like the product? Did they get the results they’d hoped for? Would they use it again if they had to make the same decision and would they recommend the project to a friend? Make sure you like the answers you unearth before you make your purchase.

Endorsements from reputable health authorities don’t hurt either. Avoid brands that seem to rely on overly aggressive advertising, spam, or flashy websites to get sales. Look for solid facts and study results that are supported by verifiable research.

Choose Options That Offer Money Back Guarantees

Any reputable manufacturer of quality Garcinia Cambogia products is willing to stand behind their supplements 100%. That said, make sure the option you choose offers customers a money back guarantee. This shows confidence in the product and a dedication to customer service. Watch out for potential traps like automatic rebilling and “free trial” offers though. These are often ways to trick the customer into a hard-to-break commitment they’re not really agreeing to.


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