Are Apples Good For Your Teeth?

Apples are some of the healthiest fruits one can have. They are rich in nutrients that are essential to one’s health. We grew up knowing that an apple a day keeps the doctor away and lived by it religiously. However, are apples good for your teeth? Do they really keep your dentist away?

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What Your Teeth Get From Apples

Apples are essential to the health of your teeth. They aid in maintaining their strength and pearly-white appearance in the following ways:-

  1. Chewing apples stimulates the production of more saliva. Saliva is crucial to oral health. It is rich in calcium which maintains strong teeth for adults as well as the growth of strong teeth for children that are shedding off their milk teeth. Saliva also contains acid which kills bacteria and plaque in the mouth
  2. Secondly, the process of biting and chewing apples is in itself a cleansing process. As one takes a deep bite into an apple, that contact cleanses off bacteria that may have been on the tooth surface. It is a lot like brushing your teeth, but with an apple!
  3. Most tooth whitening formulas and agents contain malic acid. Malic acid is thus used to whiten your teeth when you feel they have lost their bright and glossy appearance. Apples contain this acid and can thus help whiten your teeth. However, the acid in apples is mild and to whiten your teeth, you must have your apple with its skin as this boosts the “whitening power” of the acid found in apples.


Unfortunately, apples can also lead to the weakening of teeth by erosion of teeth enamel, caused by the acid. Even though malic acid helps to whiten teeth, it can also erode the enamel of the tooth such that they teeth become sensitive. Sensitive teeth usually make one very uncomfortable.

Apples also contain a lot of sugar. We all know that sugary foods are our teeth’s worst enemy. Taking too many apples without rinsing your mouth could eventually lead to tooth decay.


Apples are indeed good for your teeth. Like anything else, they have a disadvantage to them. To ensure you get the benefits of apples without causing tooth decay or sensitivity, ensure that you rinse your mouth with water immediately after taking apples. Brush your teeth an hour after having an apple.

Grab an apple and take a bite. Keep your GP away. To keep your dentist away as well, be sure to rinse out your mouth!


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