Anti-Snoring Pillows: Can They Help With Snoring?

Insufficient sleep, low quality sleep, and snoring problems are an epidemic in the United States and around the globe, causing a world of mental and physical health issues. Using an anti snoring pillow could possibly help alleviate these problems.

According to the CDC as well as the National Center on Sleep Disorders, close to 40% of the population in the US alone struggles to get quality sleep on a nightly basis. These numbers are dramatically higher than they were in the 1980s, 1990s, and the early 2000s, and they are only getting worse.

Low quality sleep is a lot worse than just feeling tired, too. The CDC reports that not getting enough sleep on a regular basis can lead to serious health problems, including cognitive issues that are difficult to recover from after long term sleep deprivation.

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Even worse news is that much of this is avoidable – especially if your major problem getting a solid 8 hours of sack time has nothing to do with your serotonin levels, your brain wave activity, or your desire to get to sleep on time each night, and everything to do with snoring.

Snoring Affects Close to 48% of Americans

The National Center for Sleep Disorders in the US has snoring at number one on its list of top sleep disrupters, and if you or someone that you love snores frequently the odds are pretty good that you wouldn’t disagree.

A lot of people (close to 48% of the population) struggle with snoring each night, all because of a number of different reasons. Some snore because of obstructions in the air passage way, while others snore because of issues with their weight. Some just snore because of the sleep positions that they choose each night.

Is there a real deal solution on the market that reduces or eliminates snoring without forcing you to take any pills, risk surgery, or change your sleeping habits completely?

Could an Anti-Snoring Pillow Help with Snoring Problems?

Though there are a variety of snoring solutions on the market today, anti-snoring pillows are the least intrusive solutions available. This is one of the reasons they are the first pick for many snoring sufferers. But can they help?

Most mild snorers reported that these pillows helped them completely eliminate snoring, while the heavy snorers reported a significant reduction. In both cases, a majority of consumers confirmed an improvement in the overall sleeping experience.

However, there are also those who claim that the pillows don’t work or that they have very small effects for a steep price.

How do They Work?

The specific design and construction materials in anti-snoring pillows should be soft enough to make sure that the persons who use them feel more relaxed when they lay down to sleep, while remaining firm enough in specific areas to support your head to open up air passage ways.

A high quality pillow should:

  • Change the way one sleeps by better aligning the airways, while elevating the head.
  • Keeping the chin from dipping to the chest in order to reduce snoring at the source.
  • Better support your neck and spine so that you no longer wake up feeling achy.

The idea behind these pillows is backed up by science and has been proven to be an effective way to reduce snoring. Because this is possible without the consumer ever having to take pills, having to hook up to “sleeping machines” (like those designed for sleep apnea), or having to undergo risky surgery, anti-snoring pillows will continue being the number one snoring solutions for consumers around the world.

All these pillows do is support the head and neck in a way that guarantees the jaw stays open and slightly forward. This keeps the airways as open and unrestricted as possible, reduces or eliminates the vibration and tongue movement that causes snoring in the first place, and in turn gives better night of sleep.

People That Have Solved Their Snoring Problems One Way or The Other Report:

  • Improved cognition and problem solving.
  • Better short and long term memory.
  • Feeling more energized and excited each morning.
  • Rolling out of bed without a handful of aches and pains that slow them down.

Choosing the Best Brand, Look for Consumer Reviews

Sure, you can learn a lot from checking out each product’s official website to learn more about it. However, nothing will prepare you for the actual experience of using a given product quite like the honest experiences of those that have used it before you.

The Internet is an incredible tool when it comes to gathering information. Research each of the brands you’re considering before you buy and ask yourself some smart questions. How did other consumers like the product? Did they get the results they’d hoped for? Would they use it again if they had to make the same decision and would they recommend the product to a friend? Make sure you like the answers you unearth before you make your purchase.



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