Aloe vera gel for acne, does it work?

Since acne is such a prevalent skin condition, it is not at all surprising that there are also many so-called remedies and quick fixes being peddled in the market. Home remedies are quite popular, especially those that use common ingredients that can either be found in the kitchen or right outside people’s gardens. Aloe vera gel for acne is worth taking a closer look at, especially given the positive feedback it gets from a large number of acne sufferers.

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Main benefits of aloe vera gels:

Contains gibberellins and polysaccharides

Aloe contains these two hormones that are known for effectively killing off acne-causing bacteria. Acne is often the result of a combination of dead skin cells and deep seated bacteria, so keeping the skin clean is a good first step in preventing outbreaks.

Non comedogenic and natural astringent

Removing dead skin cells as well as dirt and sebum (oil) that can clog the pores is just one of the many things that aloe vera does for the face. Aloe vera gel makes for a much better astringent because it does not contain alcohol that can dry up the skin.

Helps with inflammation, redness, and irritation

Red, raised blotches are common during pimple outbreaks, for which you need a soothing natural remedy. Aloe vera helps reduce swelling and redness, making the acne less visible even at the height of their breakouts. Applying the aloe vera gel directly onto affected areas as well as the surrounding areas reduces the prominence of the bumps.

High concentration of antioxidants

Zinc, vitamin C, and E are some of the active ingredients present in aloe vera gel, which are known for their antioxidant properties. Apart from reducing acne breakouts, aloe also repairs the skin effectively by replenishing dead skin cells with new ones. It also promotes the production of collagen, which is responsible for keeping the skin soft, supple, and young looking. Aloe vera is a preferred product for reducing pimple scars for its healing properties.

How to use aloe vera gel for acne

As a basic anti acne remedy, you can simply extract the gel and apply it directly onto your face. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes then rinse off with mild soap or soap-free cleanser, whichever is available.

Other ingredients may also be mixed in with the aloe vera gel in order to create a mask. Honey is a very popular additive which allows the mask to stay on and provides more anti-acne effects on the skin. If/when you decide to make aloe vera mask, be sure to rinse with lukewarm water and dab (not rub) your face dry with a non-abrasive towel/cloth.


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